The following are some of the frequently asked questions posed by our customers. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please contact us.


Q. How much do your services cost?

A. It depends on the size of the project, your specifications, equipment cost and the required number of technicians. Contact us today for a consultation, and we can provide you with a quote that meets your requirements and budget.


Q. Where do you provide services?

A. We provide solution and services for clients across Canada.


Q. What process do you follow when customers first engage your services?

A. Our consultation process is as follows:

Initial contact:
This is usually done over the phone. We ask you questions to determine your expectations, preferences and needs. We advise you on how we can help you, and then schedule a time to meet (if needed).

First meeting:
At our first meeting with you, we gather further information about your expectations, vision and needs. We use information-gathering questionnaires, take photos, draft rough drawings, and gather construction information. We also offer suggestions and general advice. We talk to you at an in-depth level about our process and future schedule.

First meeting summary and budget presentation:
Based on the information gathered in the first meeting, we draft a summary of the meeting. We review it with you to make sure it's complete. New ideas may arise at this point, so revisions may be needed.

A rough budget is given at the time of summary presentation. If you're satisfied, then the summary presentation is signed off. A retainer is taken so that we may proceed with a technical design.

Technical design:
The signed summary is given to our technical consultant so that he may proceed with the technical design. When the technical design is completed, it is reviewed to make sure your needs and expectations are met.

Technical design with accurate price of system is presented:
The technical design is handed to you for your approval and signature. New ideas may arise at this point, so revisions may be needed for the technical design. If you're satisfied with the technical design, it's presented to you for signature.

Signing of the contract:
Once you've approved the presentation and technical design, a contract is presented to you for signature. A deposit is collected before work can be conducted.


Q. What process do you follow in performing the work?

A. Our implementation process is as follows:

Implementation of design:
We continue having discussions with you to ensure that all requirements are met and expectations are clearly outlined. We also with the sub trades and as well as the homeowner (you) to ensure that all systems will integrate properly.

Construction phase:
We manage all of our technicians during the construction phases: This includes the pre-wiring, trimming, installation, calibration and programming work.

Training and testing:
We work with the homeowner (you) during the installation and implementation phase to enable you to gain a general understanding of the system.

Upon completion of the system, all equipment is tested to ensure that they are functioning as intended and as programmed.


Q. Do you provide a warranty for your services?

A. We provide a warranty on all our services and equipment.


Q. Are your technicians certified with any professional bodies?

A. We are certified by CEDIA for all installation and design work, and by ISF for all calibration work. We also have a wide ranged of specialized certifications for specific products and technical services. Our work, which is insured, meets the safety standards as set by the BC Safety Authority.

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