Presentation Systems

From small meeting rooms to large conference centres, presentation systems are allowing clients to use advanced interactive technologies for basic and elaborate data collaborations. Presentation systems are used in all verticals of business from small corporate environments to global communication leaders.

We ensure your presentations are professional, vibrant and capable of delivering strong impressions through the latest technology. We help organizations ensure communication and collaboration is highly effective, efficient and streamlined.

Our goal is to supply an easy to use, intuitive solution that offers your users the best possible experience. Our years of experience and partnerships ensure that we create a solution that works uniquely for your needs. From consultation to installation we help you create the best possible presentation environment for your organization.

Through the use of:

  • Projection displays
  • Plasma/LCD/LED displays
  • Video walls
  • Touch screens
  • Audio/video conferencing systems
  • And more...

We help you to create a dynamic tool with endless opportunity.

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Digital Signage

The advantages of digital signage are extensive and significant; from revenue, time, planning and implementation digital signage provides continuous returns on your investment. The value of digital signage is being recognized in both public and private environments, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, finance, tourism, corporate and more.

Digital signage improves the targeting and flexibility of your messaging, allowing you to relay specific messages, at specific times to specific audiences using a single tool. By eliminating print costs and construction of traditional signage and providing the overall ability to adjust messages immediately, a true return is available quickly.

We provide digital signage solutions that support comprehensive and cohesive content management systems, ensuring stable, efficient and lightning fast messages to your target audience. We provide a structure that allows you to plan, organize and schedule your content to a single display or thousands with exceptional ease.

Understanding your business focus, determining your digital signage needs and creating a complete digital signage plan for your business is our offering to you.

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Video, Audio and Data Conferencing

An investment in Video, Audio and Data conferencing allows businesses to collaborate and communicate in vibrant and dynamic ways. Integrated conference solutions allow you to connect to remote offices, sales teams, partnering businesses, clients, suppliers and more.

Using high end video, powerful audio and the latest in data collaboration tools this solution provides a continued return on investment. Conferencing increases productivity and time management with the ability to decrease travel time and create real time face to face communication with people inside and outside of your organization.

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Education Audio Visual / Hospitality Audio Visual/ Healthcare Audio, Visual and Digital Systems

Education, Hospitality and Healthcare have rapidly changing needs, definite end user requirements and detailed specialization. CustomWorks has years of experience in these areas and have consultants that carry a range of knowledge. We are always looking for new technologies, new solutions and new partners to assist you.


Educational requirements are changing rapidly and with technology based teaching tools we see improvements for educators and support teams. Reducing prep time, increasing depth of content and engaging the different styles of learning are more important then ever before. We offer solutions such as Interactive Boards, Audio Enhancement, Student Response Systems and Video Displays to help increase student achievements, instructor confidence and overall engagement.


Hospitality Audio Visual solutions help to attract patrons, establish a brand, create atmosphere and ultimately increase spending per visit while ensuring loyalty amongst your clients when done right! We can help you develop a tiered entertainment plan using audio visual solutions that will engage your clients and keep them coming back.


Our Audio, Visual and Digital offerings help patients, staff and students experience care in a new way. Audio Visual Systems can bring needed technology to exam and training rooms with state of the art capabilities. Digital Signage networks help to deliver facility information, communicate current medical news, share preventative health programs and advertise products and services in medical, dental and private facilities.

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Service, Parts and Maintenance

Warranty, service and support for your Custom Audio Visual Systems are important and key to your overall experience. We recognize the importance of providing continued resources to our clients to ensure peace of mind and long term satisfaction. We have a strong team of designers, technicians and programmers that allow us to offer you the assistance you require.

We also have a HELP DESK to support your needs and to coordinate any help you require. We want to make sure you have stability, reliability and a trusted team in place to support your goals. If you have a new system or an old system, we have the tools and the time to help you!

1-888-933-9777 SERVICE


Parts and Accessories

Audio Visual systems can be complex and wide ranged. We offer a comprehensive list of parts and accessories to support your solution and to provide you the most for your investment.

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